"Achilles, could you demonstrate for us the manner by which you rock up at this b**ch?

For those of you who don't know about the myth of Achilles, here is a brief synopsis.

He was raised by a minotaur in a picturesque chateau in Limousin

and assumed female identity when his mother tried to prevent her from being drafted.

Achilles was dubbed Pyrrha by her mother for these occasions. She ended up succumbing to a weakness for heels, blame Paris...

hence also the expression, achilles' heel, which signifies vulnerability.

it is this collection of biographical details that informs my work on the figure. what happened to the girl who grew up among the daughters of Lycomedes, always wearing lilac hues

Achilles was feared by his enemies.

He was famous for his fancy armour.
Dashing high heels ultimately proved to be his downfall

You should have seen Achilles arriving in Paris, he was simply all leg... <3
painting by Charlott Weise, photography by Franziska Schulz Ropework & Costume by Daniel Vorthuys, photography Faysal Mroueh